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Soul Care Intensives

I design all my offerings at Steadfast Ministries to help others stay grounded in Christ to lead with confidence and clarity.

Individuals or couples sometimes find themselves at a crossroads of deeper desire. Intensives can provide breakthrough insights that equip you for the next season of life.

Is an intensive right for you?

We learn and reinforce ways of relating to God and others over a lifetime. Sometimes, we need more intensive care to kickstart the growth we want. Soul Care Intensives are a proven method for significant and lasting change. I offer intensives for individuals and married couples. Every intensive is different and customized to your needs.

Here are some examples of the types of topics we may cover:

  • Wanting to break through barriers to greater intimacy with God.

  • Understanding your story, your struggles, and God's loving activity.

  • A retreat to kick off your sabbatical.

  • Need to grieve in a safe and healing space.

  • Hit a wall and need to process what you're experiencing free of judgment.

  • Intentional space to process marital struggles and dreams.

If you're ready to get out of your normal rhythms of life to create healthier ones, then sign up for a free first appointment to start a conversation.

Not ready for a call but have questions. Email me at

Soul Care Intensives combine

  • Personalized sessions,

  • Guided rest, and

  • Time to practice what you're learning.


Want help growing in emotional and spiritual health? Trying to discern a big life decision or overcome a challenging obstacle? Want to be closer to Jesus? Interested in coaching or a workshop for your team? I can help.

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