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Book Launch Team

Listen to the introduction

Hello, friend! 

This book is five years in the making, and it comes out July 16. As a lesser-known author, I need your help to get this book in as many people’s hands as possible.

Here are two options to help:

Option #1 - Join The Art of Stability Launch Team and gain access to a 6 week cohort for free! (valued at $299 per person)

Through The Art of Stability cohort/launch team, you’ll gain insights and embodied practices that go along with the reading to help you:    

  • Get closer to Jesus

  • Get clarity from Jesus

  • Get courage with Jesus

  • Get community around Jesus

What will be expected of you to join:

  • Invite any friends who you think will enjoy joining this Launch Team with you (simply share this page with them)

  • Prerorder your copy of The Art of Stability at Amazon (or your favorite book seller)

  • Read the book before July 16

  • Write a review on Amazon on or after the week of July 16 (I will provide templates to make this process easier)

  • Share one or more posts on social media with quotes you like or recommend the book more directly 

  • Recommend the book to people who you think will enjoy it via text or in person   


What to expect from the cohort, you’ll:

  • Receive a free digital version of the entire book upon preordering

  • Receive additional resources/practices to compliment what you’re reading (these are optional and not required to benefit from the cohort)

  • Gain access to an online platform where you can connect with others and post your questions around what you’re reading/experiencing

  • Gain access to a weekly one hour and fifteen minute zoom call where we embody what you’re reading, discuss your questions, and gain additional learning that accompanies the book (live sessions are not required although you'll get more out of the experience when you can come)

  • Gain access to the recorded sessions to watch on demand if you can’t make the live call  

  • Gain lifetime access to the additional content and recorded sessions

Live sessions will take place from 1:00 - 2:15 pm (EST) on:

  • June 5th
  • June 12th

  • June 19th

  • July 3rd

  • July 10th

  • July 17th

Option #2 - Preorder book only

By choosing the preorder option, you’ll receive a PDF of the introduction through chapter 2 to get you started before your copy arrives. 


Consider writing a positive review or recommending the book to others. 

How to join?

Fill out the form below to secure your spot on the launch team and to be the first to know when preorder is available. 

Thank you for helping me get this book into the world! May we all find more stability in Christ, become more grounded as people, and provide safer places for others. 

Help me launch this book:

Deadline to sign up is May 29th

The art of stability:
How staying present changes everything

(in stores july 16 2024) 

If God is my refuge, why does life feel so unstable? 

When chaos without and within threatens our peace, it is challenging to sense God's presence, yet He is near and full of compassion. The Art of Stability is not a how-to manual for floating above the pain of life but a way for haggard hearts to take the long journey home to Love. When we do, we experience the safety and love that was always ours in Jesus.

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