What I Offer

Hello friends,

My name is Rusty McKie (pronounced Mac-Key), and I am a spiritual director, author, speaker, and founder of Steadfast Ministries.

My passion is to help others Stay Grounded in Christ to Go the Distance in life and work. 

Here are some ways that I can help you.


Spiritual Direction

Wounded, worried, weary, worked up, or wondering how to be closer to God?


I offer biblically-informed, Christ-centered, and experientially driven direction as we learn to discern life together. If you're weighed down by challenging emotions, need to make a big decision, or want to experience Jesus more profoundly, I can help. 


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Couple Work

Do you need some help as a couple? Do you desire to break free from unhealthy patterns or develop new ones?  

I help couples get unstuck and find new levels of intimacy with each other. As a trained Prepare/Enrich facilitator, I'm equipped to empower you for relational health. If you're interested in premarital or marital counseling, reach out today. 

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Sabbatical Coaching

Are you overwhelmed, overworked, or  need help finding balance and rest for your soul?

A meaningful sabbatical can reset you on a trajectory of healthy ministry. Sabbatical coaching involves sessions to prepare you and your church, ongoing care during your leave, and sessions after to help you reintegrate back into ministry. We will work together to make the most of the gift of your sabbatical. 

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Soul Care Intensives

Do you feel like there's more to life even after regular sessions with a counselor or spiritual director?

We learn and reinforce ways of relating to God and others over a lifetime. Sometimes, we need more intensive care to kickstart the growth we want in life. Soul Care Intensives are a proven method for significant and lasting change. I offer intensives for individuals and married couples. Every intensive is different and customized to your needs. 

Here are some examples of the types of topics we may cover:

  • Wanting to break through barriers to greater intimacy with God.

  • Understanding your story, your struggles, and God's loving activity.

  • A retreat to kick off your sabbatical.

  • Need to grieve in a safe and healing space.

  • Deconstructing and need to process what you're experiencing free of judgment.

  • Intentional space to process marital struggles and dreams.

If you're ready to get out of your normal rhythms of life to create healthier ones, then sign up for a free first appointment to start a conversation.

Not ready for a call but have questions. Email me at rusty@steadfastmin.com.

Soul Care Intensives combine personalized sessions, guided rest, and time to practice what you're learning. I recommend affordable, beautiful Airbnbs at scenic New Smyrna Beach or chic Winter Park, Florida.

1-5 Day Intensives | Choose the amount of time that works for you. 


If you're interested in other services that I offer like spiritual direction or sabbatical coaching, ask about bundle discounts.

Workshops and retreats

Shared convictions bring a team together, but emotional and spiritual maturity keeps them together. Do you want your team or organization to grow in health? 

The following workshops are educational and experiential for churches, church staff, and organizations. Here are some options to help you grow in health:

  • Prayerful Self-Awareness - A workshop on essential practices to slow down, pay attention to God's direction in our lives, and respond to His ongoing invitations to a fuller life.

  • The Monk Life - A workshop gleaning lessons from monasticism to help us intentionally order our lives to abide in Christ's love and love our neighbor as ourselves.

  • The Enneagram and Jesus - A workshop on how the enneagram is more than a personality test and can be a powerful tool for transformation.

  • Sexuality and Spirituality - A workshop exploring how our sexuality is driven by a deeper desire for union and communion with Jesus and tools to help you overcome unwanted sexual behavior. 

  • Building Self-Aware Teams. A workshop to help us better understand our instinctive reactions to one another in times of change or conflict and grow in curiosity, compassion, and connection.

  • Silent Retreat - A guided retreat designed for groups or teams to declutter their souls and hear from the Lord.

These workshops can be tailored for your team, a men's retreat, or church-wide retreat. 

Sign up for a free first appointment to discern together the best workshop for your team or church, or email me at rusty@steadfastmin.com.


"Ever since I met Rusty, I've had a palpable experience that he is a gospel ninja. And what I mean by that is that any ninja who is good at what he does is a master at going unnoticed. Rusty is a man seeking deep communion with the Lord so that he is able to bring others there as well. I believe part of that lofty task is what he calls 'holy restraint.' The reason Rusty was able to be so effective in leading our men during a recent retreat is that he listened to the Spirit's voice about when not to interfere. He left very little footprints of his own, but our men were left being more in tune with the Spirit within them, the Jesus they follow, and the Father that loves them. 10/10 would recommend."

Sean Nolan (Lead Pastor)

On Men's Retreat

"By partnering with Rusty, I’ve received transformative tools to pursue walking with God through different seasons of life – to experience God's presence and the fullness of joy therein while also coming to know better the man God has created me to be. Rusty has been nothing short of incredible. He is patient, encouraging, and insightful – all the gifts required to help direct others."

James T. 

 on Spiritual Direction

"Rusty's care for people is evident from the moment you meet him. While working with Rusty, I never felt like a client, but rather that he genuinely felt honored to be part of my process. Before becoming a spiritual director, Rusty spent years as a pastor, and it shows. Rusty's pastoral presence is being put to good use here as he guides others with wisdom, tenderness, honesty, humility, and hope in the Holy Spirit to be the ultimate source of healing and clarity."

Erin G.

on Sabbatical Coaching




“Pastoring can be a lonely profession. When I came to Rusty, I wasn’t sure what I needed most: a friend, a counselor, or a peer. It turns out what I needed most was someone willing to walk with me and ask what Jesus was up to in my life. Having someone to guide me through silence, prayer, and contemplation has been invaluable. As a result, I’ve been able to see the invitations that Jesus is offering me amid the ups and downs of life."

Tim B.

on Spiritual Direction

A Word on payment

My offerings through Steadfast Ministries are my primary calling and full-time work. Thank you for considering partnering with me financially so that we might meet each other's needs.  

I use a sliding scale to make soul care affordable for all. I ask you to make your decision a matter of conscience, financial capacity, and prayer. Those who can pay more help support those with financial constraints. 

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