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At steadfast ministries, I know you want to survive and thrive in ministry.

By surviving, I don't mean self-protection. Jesus calls you to sacrificial leadership. But sometimes faithfulness looks like surviving your internal struggles, difficulties with your team, or even the pain of good church growth. Yet surviving ministry alone will eventually make you miserable. You need the joy of thriving in your role to go the long haul.

to do that

You need to stay grounded in Christ. The problem is it's too easy to feel defined by what you do for Jesus, which makes you feel insecure as a leader

I believe leaders shouldn't have to lose themself or their first love in ministry.

I understand what it's like to wonder if you have what it takes, which is why

I help leaders, like you,

stay grounded in Christ to lead with confidence and clarity. 

If you want to hike Machu Picchu in Peru, you want a guide who knows the local language and terrain. 

The soul is the same. It has a local language and terrain that requires specific skills and knowledge to navigate.

Here's How I help

As a trauma-informed, trained spiritual director and formation coach, I help you:

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One on



Leaders shouldn't have to figure it all out on their own. Let me help you become the leader Jesus made you to be through:

  • Leadership Formation

  • Sabbatical Coaching

  • Spiritual Direction




Leading is lonely. Ministry is sweeter when you can run with like-minded friends. Join a 6-month cohort or let me help your team cultivate a joyful, healthy culture.

  • ​Thrive Cohort (2024)

  • Leader Workshops


Speaking Engagements

You work hard to put on a meaningful event. Let me help you make your retreat or conference an event that your group will talk about for years.

  • Retreat Speaker

  • Conference Speaker

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You can't afford to go it alone

  • Performance defines you – feeling bad when ministry goes poorly and great when it's good

  • You grow weary of doing good

  • Your team suffers from your uncertainty

  • Your family and closest friends get your leftovers 

  • You never feel settled because you're always trying to catch up

  • You're tired of not knowing what to do or not having the capacity to do it

After working with Steadfast Ministries

  • You are grounded in who you are in Christ as a leader and can learn from failure

  • You're filled with clarity on exactly what you should do as a leader

  • You feel confident to do what God is calling you to do

  • Your team laughs more as you get more done

  • Your family and closest friends get the best of you

  • You get customized tools to help you continue your ministry journey with integrity

What others are saying

"Rusty is a man seeking deep communion with the Lord so that he is able to bring others there as well. He left very little footprints of his own, but our men were left being more in tune with the Spirit within them, the Jesus they follow, and the Father that loves them. 10/10 would recommend."

Sean Nolan (Lead Pastor)

On Men's Retreat


"By partnering with Rusty, I’ve received transformative tools to pursue walking with God through different seasons of life – to experience God's presence and the fullness of joy therein while also coming to know better the man God has created me to be. Rusty has been nothing short of incredible. He is patient, encouraging, and insightful – all the gifts required to help direct others."

James T. 

 on Leadership Formation


"While working with Rusty, I never felt like a client but rather that he genuinely felt honored to be part of my process. Before becoming a spiritual director, Rusty spent years as a pastor, and it shows. Rusty's pastoral presence is being put to good use here as he guides others with wisdom, tenderness, honesty, humility, and hope in the Holy Spirit to be the ultimate source of healing and clarity."

Erin G.

on Sabbatical Coaching

“Pastoring can be a lonely profession. When I came to Rusty, I wasn’t sure what I needed most: a friend, a counselor, or a peer. It turns out what I needed most was someone willing to walk with me and ask what Jesus was up to in my life. As a result, I’ve been able to see the invitations that Jesus is offering me amid the ups and downs of life."

Tim B.

on Leadership Formation

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