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Read More Books Slowly

I'm on a personal journey of slowing down my inner world. Folks in church history would call this living into a more contemplative way of being.

As I've intentionally slowed certain parts of my life down, I've noticed others creeping along as well — specifically reading.

I'm kind of obsessed with prayerful reading, and I think you should be too.

What is Prayerful Reading?

Henri Nouwen put it well when he wrote:

"Read, not to know more but, to be more fully known by God." (Source)

Prayerful, slow reading rejects blitzing through books to embrace reading as a conversation with God.

Practically, this means:

  • Slowing down your speed (there's no rush).

  • Stoping when an idea or phrase catches your attention.

  • And talking to God about it.

Why is this helpful?

Reading this way will help you read for transformation, not just information. It also enables you to grow in curiosity and good question asking.

The curiosity you cultivate through slow reading transfers into other parts of your life. You'll find yourself wondering more and judging less about yourself or others.

As Nouwen said, it leads to a contemplative way of life where we are "more fully known by God."

And who wouldn't want that?


Want help growing in emotional and spiritual health? Trying to discern a big life decision or overcome a challenging obstacle? Want to be closer to Jesus? I can help.

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