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Play or Pay

Anxiety is the experience when our brain and body go into fight or flight.

When you feel threatened, anxiety is your body saying — a lion is about to pounce!

Of course, we know there's no lion, but our brain goes into protection mode nonetheless.

You probably don't need me to spell it out, but anxiety decreases playfulness. Because who's got time for play when Simba is about to attack?

Our bodies pay a high price when we neglect play and live in constant anxiety.

Increasing playfulness in our lives can decrease anxiety both in the moment and as a preventative measure.

Time to play

Life is serious, and we can become overly-serious.

Here are some questions to help you create a playfulness list:

  • What activities do you lose track of time because you're so into it?

  • What activities help you relax in your home?

  • What activities require you to get out of the house?

  • What activities can you enjoy in under 30 minutes?

  • What activities fill up half or a full day?

  • What people make you laugh from your gut?

  • Who can you bring along on some of the above activities?

  • When can you schedule one of the above activities?

Life's Serious and Short

No one will deny that life is serious. However, I'm not sure that we need more serious people.

  • The world needs faith-filled people who address critical issues with a calm trust in Jesus.

  • The world needs playful people who don't take themselves too seriously.

  • The world needs hope-filled people who know how to play.

So, next time adrenaline courses through your body because of perceived danger, stop and ask if you need a play break.

Then reengage with life more healthily because life is too short to run from lions all the time.


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