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Free Devotion

Sometimes it's nice to have some guidance on your sabbath or a silent retreat. May this devotion help you enjoy Jesus by yourself or with others.

Find a quiet place, turn your phone on airplane mode, and settle into God’s loving presence.

Read Isaiah 55 out loud.


Pray (5 minutes)

Spend some time praying using any words or phrases from Isaiah 55 as prompts.


Imagination (5 minutes)

Spend some time imagining yourself wandering into a vast kingdom, filled with sounds of people and laughter as well as smells of food and cooking. As you make your way into the castle’s inner courtyard, you see table after table overflowing with food and drink. You want to partake but have no money—only to find out your money is not wanted here. The King only wants your company.


Stillness (5 minutes)

Sit up tall. Be still, quiet, breathe in deep thinking, “Delight myself…" and breathe out slow thinking, “… in rich food.” If your mind drifts, refocus on your breath and this phrase.


Reflection/journaling (10 minutes)

What am I seeking satisfaction in these days?

God freely gives himself to me. So what’s keeping me from feasting on His riches?

What is God inviting me to during this time?

Discuss answers with others (30 minutes)

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