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Benefits of Silence

Parker Palmer once wrote that the "soul is shy" (Source). Like a wild animal, spotting our soul — our most authentic self — is rare.

You don't spot elusive creatures by crashing into the woods, singing like a Disney princess. Noise and clamor scare us into hiding.

We spot our skittish selves by sitting by a tree — still and silent. We wait. Wait. And wait some more. And after a bit more stillness and silence, a sighting!

Here are some benefits of sitting in silence with Jesus.


  • Brings insight and clarity to your life.

  • Takes you deeper into your authentic self in Christ.

  • Helps you taste & see that the Lord is good.

  • Helps you digest and metabolize challenging emotions.

  • Creates space to pay attention to your inner world.

  • Calms you.

  • Re-centers you.

  • Heals you.

  • Declutters you.

  • Helps you become more comfortable in your skin.

While this list is not exhaustive, I hope it compels you into more regular silence.

But let's be honest — fear keeps us from silence. We're concerned about what we'll find and if we can handle it.

Will I spot a beautiful fawn or a crazed, mangled bear?

You won't know until you're still and quiet. But you'll be okay because Jesus will be with you.

Remember that silence won't annihilate you; it will deliver you. Why? Because Jesus is our Savior.

"For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation." - Psalm 62:1


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