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3 Reasons I Bullet Journal

I've practiced bullet journaling for over two years now. At this point, I can't imagine life without it.

Over the next several weeks, I will write a series covering how I bullet journal, but today I want to talk about why it's been so helpful.

If you've never heard of bullet journaling, here's a short video to give you context.

Without any further ado, here are three reasons I bullet journal.

1. Bullet Journaling helps me drop fewer Tasks

Pastoring is a never-ending job. There are always more to-dos.

Before bullet journaling, I'd regularly and unintentionally not follow through on tasks. I worked hard to be faithful, but my life grew into a people-eating task-monster.

Now, I can tame the beast by accessing all my responsibilities and seeing where I'm at in the process.

Also, as I watch undone tasks migrate around my bullet journal, I'm forced to ask hard questions like:

  • Is this task necessary?

  • Is it the best use of my time?

  • Am I the best person to do this?

  • Should I delegate this?

Bullet journaling moves me away from urgent demands and helps me space out tasks in a more sustainable way.

2. Bullet Journaling helps me steward my whole life

Before bullet journaling, I would keep track of work tasks in one app, jot down family plans in another, and review my rule of life in a Moleskin.

No matter how hard I tried, I double-booked, lacked margin for anything other than work, and lived a fragmented life.

Bullet journaling brought my whole life into one place. When I plan out my weeks now, I consider all my responsibilities and desires for life.

Put another way — bullet journaling reveals my limits. I see what I have time for on the page, and I get to choose what's most important to me.

Over time, I've gained self-awareness, and I possess more precise knowledge of what I'm capable of in a given week.

3. Bullet journaling Helps me feel less guilt

This method not only helps you plan out your week, but it also creates a built-in assessment tool.

Before bullet journaling, I always felt like I wasn't doing enough.

Guilt ran me ragged, kept me working, and shaped my view of my life.

Now, when guilt starts accusing, I look at my past week. Often I'm surprised when I see I work too much, not too little.

Bullet journaling frees me to stop working. I know what's left undone, and I possess a plan to tackle it later.

Is bullet journaling right for you?

I love this tool.

It's added loads of value to my life and ultimately helps me live more intentionally with God, myself, and others.

I think bullet journaling is worth a shot if:

  • You feel you've lost agency in your schedule.

  • You drop balls and feel constant guilt over not doing enough.

  • You get overwhelmed by life's responsibilities.

  • You desire to steward your life more holistically.

If you resonate with any of this, then join me next week as I began to share my simplified version of bullet journaling.


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