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For individuals who need God's direction and care for life's complex challenges.

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For ministry leaders and couples who want the most out of their sabbatical.

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Intensives & Retreats

For individuals, couples, and groups who desire to grow in health.


Chuck Degroat

Professor, Counselor, Spiritual Director, Author, and Speaker

“I’ve experienced Rusty as a pastorally wise, emotionally attuned, and spiritually curious man, who creates safety and space for the deep questions of the heart. And he’s wholeheartedly committed to guiding folks into the still waters of the Trinity. I’m grateful for him!”

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Jonathan Holmes

Executive Director of Fieldstone Counseling

"Everyone needs trusted companions and friends for the journey of life. Some of those friends will be near, and others you will find from afar. Friends who mentor, guide, sit, listen, and connect you to the Friend, Jesus Christ. Rusty McKie is one of those treasured companions for me, and I trust he will be for you as well."


Bekah Mason

Executive Director of


"Rusty has been both my friend and pastor. In both, he exudes an empathetic passion for guiding people to a deeper relationship with Jesus and a more holistic understanding of who they are as people who bear His image in this world." 

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Hi, I'm Rusty McKie

(Pronounced Mac-Key)

I'm a spiritual director, author, speaker, and founder of Steadfast Ministries.

I am highly interested in helping the overwhelmed and overworked grow in emotional and spiritual stability.

We can't change the instability of our circumstances, but we can grow in our resilience to weather the storms of life. 

You can also connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.

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