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An Unconventional Newsletter

Some have wondered why I’ve started a(n unconventional) newsletter that helps you slow down, breathe deep, and pray intentionally.

The reason is many of us are so scattered that we’re reacting all the time.

Not sure if this you:

  • Do you struggle to be present and neglect those you love, even when you’re with them?

  • Are you so scared that you find yourself avoiding people or problems?

  • Are you shocked by your angry outbursts at your family or friends?

  • Are you ashamed of your addictive behaviors?

  • Are you weary, worried, or worked up?

If yes (or even maybe), then there’s a danger that these reactions will grow.

Some interruptions are good

Reactivity is a thoroughly ingrained relational habit.

All relational experiences create neural networks in our brains that import past emotions into similar present circumstances (Source). This is why you can feel unsafe when you are safe.

For example, if others neglected you growing up, then others overlooking you as an adult will unleash strong emotions. Our brains import all the anger, sadness, shame, etc., from the past into the present.

Reactivity is like a boulder in motion that will not stop unless Someone interrupts us and invites us into a more grounded reality.

We don’t need a program but a Person. We need to take refuge in God.

If any of this resonates with you, let me introduce you to some ancient yet timeless practices that will create needed space to pause.

Pause to Reset

This newsletter guides you by creating space to be:

  • Graciously interrupted.

  • Invited into God’s presence.

  • And reset your life with His life.

As you make a habit out of these types of pauses, God's loving presence will change your brain's reactionary tendencies into a more thoughtful way of being with Him and others.

And who wouldn't want that?

Sign up today for Pause to Reset, or recommend it to a friend.

Bonus - Join now and receive a free resource to help you grow in emotional and spiritual maturity.


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